M Metier Trading Limited (MTL) trading as Metier Underwriting is an Underwriting Agency based in the City of London.

MTL work with Re-Insurers, The London Market and Lloyd’s of London to provide underwriting solutions to markets around the world.

At MTL we only transact business through Insurance Brokers (who are approved by the regulators within their chosen territory) and/or Captive – Mutual Managers.

MTL is a privately owned Independent Company.

MTL work in tandem with the broker to provide exclusive access to the MTL product, allowing the broker to be in charge of the distribution.

As MTL work in “specialised” markets we do not sub-delegate our underwriting authority however we are keen to develop e-commerce business ventures and solutions when this suits the products’ market.


MTL actively seek the “specialists” believing that differentiation and risk management creates an increased opportunity for profit. To many Underwriters “specialists” have become defined as “difficult”.

At MTL we believe that clients and brokers who have taken the time and effort to become a “specialist” in their chosen trade or profession deserve an underwriter who equally takes the time to understand their business and insurance requirements.

MTL are actively seeking opportunities to work with such brokers and clients as a Lloyd’s of London “Coverholder”.

MTL have the ability to operate and work in any territory (sanctions permitting and subject to regulatory approval), only accepting business from brokers regulated by that territory.

Once an underwriting opportunity has been identified MTL work with both insurance brokers and the Carriers in creating an underwriting “Pillar[1]” for this niche business opportunity. The “Pillar” will be underwritten by MTL on behalf of the Carrier and will involve industry expert(s) in this particular line of business / industry sector and / or territory thus bringing experience, expertise and a proven track record to the “Pillar” ensuring enhanced underwriting performance in a risk managed culture.

MTL believe that only by working in partnership with Carriers and “specialist” brokers, can the needs for these professions or trades be catered for.

MTL will consider all commercial classes of business, however difficult, including those from emerging markets.

[1] A “Pillar” is a niche line of business, defined by class of business and territory with its own distribution channel and identity / brand underwritten by MTL.


As a “Coverholder” at Lloyd’s of London, MTL have access to licences for most of the territories around the world therefore enabling MTL to write business in that Territory.

As MTL are actively seeking the difficult and the “specialist”, we do not normally work with established Carriers in the local market(s) as they:

  • have already researched the class of business and / or industry sector and decided that it is not a market they wish to enter
  • do not possess the necessary underwriting skills for the class of business and / or industry sector
  • have identified the cost of employing a team of underwriters and support to enter the market is not cost effective
  • have identified that if they enter the class of business and / or industry sector and are not successful that the potential of reputational damage to the company outweighs the opportunity cost

It is due to one or a combination of the above reasons that MTL elects to work with Carriers in Lloyd’s of London and / or in the London Market as opposed to those already established in the local market place.


MTL work in partnership with both the Broker Market and Carriers to explore Insurance and / or Re-Insurance Product development around the world.

This work can involve:

  •  research with a view to redeveloping an existing product for the market within that country
  •  research with a view to develop a new product for the market within that country
  •  bringing new Carriers to the Product to build its financial strength

MTL will construct a full business plan for the Product and develop a “Pillar[1]” within MTL that focuses on that Product.

When a “Pillar” has been designed and agreed with the Broker (who is key for the distribution of the Product) and the Carrier (who is key for the financial strength of the Product) MTL will manage the underwriting.

So how do you know where MTL can assist you?

MTL start with a clean canvas to create, develop, and / or redesign the Product until a full picture of the Product is developed (as per our logo). On our website where you see a blank canvas this denotes a Product is in the process of being developed and then upon completion we will unveil the full picture.

Follow our Product and Pillar development on our web site and look forward to viewing the finished Product(s).

[1] A “Pillar” is a niche line of business, defined by class of business and territory with its own distribution channel and identity / brand underwritten by MTL.


MTL undertook a review of the UK Construction Industry in light of the Government & Bank of England report(s) for the need to build / re-build the UK infrastructure. MTL found that whilst the Insurance market was able to respond to the needs of contractors when looking at “specialised” contractors and / or sub-contractors (who are awarded contracts by the main contractor), the ability to find a market outside of London for many of these contractors was extremely limited.

Non-London based brokers and clients were having to access London brokers to place their accounts with Underwriters in London who were not “geared-up” to write the smaller contractors business, resulting in higher premiums (mainly due to the minimum deposit premiums required in London) for the contractor and / or sub-contractor or alternatively having to look at alternative markets where the security of the underwriting “paper” was not “A” rated.

To this end MTL worked with Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London to design various insurance products which does not only provide the “A” rated paper required by the main contractor but also the Liability and Contract Works coverage required for the contractors and / or sub-contractor to secure their tender. MTL seek to work with “specialised” contractors who adhere to a strict Health & Safety regime as opposed to the general contractor and / or sub-contractor.

MTL will consider most construction trades and have worked with brokers to design specific products for Traffic Management Drilling Safety Netting Fire Suppression Contractors.

MTL only work through brokers regulated by the FCA. If this is an area where you would like to develop further please contact MTL or one of our Construction Brokers who have a facility with us.


In 2013 MTL undertook a review of the UK Security Industry working with a broker who had extensive knowledge of the Industry. MTL concluded that whilst the Liability coverage afforded to the Clients was “fit for purpose” and that the UK Security Industry had worked with the UK Government to become more tightly regulated to improve standards along with Health & Safety management, there remained a reluctance by Insurers to commit to the Industry over a prolonged period. Both brokers and clients were looking for a carrier who was committed to working with them to provide a “stable” insurance environment.

To this end MTL worked with Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London to design an insurance product which provides the specific Liability coverage required for the Security Industry.

MTL’s underwriting philosophy is that we need to know about the incident before it becomes a claim, so that we can be in control of the incident for the client through to its conclusion. This will not only enable incidents to be managed (thus reducing administrative costs) but also focus Health & Safety and Risk Control Management on the client’s business, whilst defending the client where necessary. Throughout this process MTL are able to keep the broker advised of the “state of play” with the incident and be able to place a realistic reserve on the incident / claim.

MTL work with Brokers in all regions of England as well as in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

MTL underwrite all forms of Security Contractors including but not limited to Static & Mobile Guarding Door Supervision Events & Conferences Close Protection Alarm Installation Locksmiths.

To learn more about the Security product please contact MTL who can guide you to our Broker in your area for this facility.

Market Traders

In 2017 Metier Trading Limited were approached to provide cover for sole traders and companies who exhibit and sell their wares at markets throughout the UK.
This involves having the ability to administer a volume of policies for small businesses in a timely fashion as in many cases the need for insurance coverage may only be for a one day event or exhibition.

This facility is controlled by a single broker and if you wish to discuss access to this facility Metier Trading Limited can arrange to put you in contact with this broker.


In the first instance we ask you to contact Metier Underwriting by e-mailing us on one of the following addresses listed below:

If you are a Carrier:

If you are a Broker


MTL is a registered “Coverholder” at Lloyd’s of London. A “Coverholder” allows Lloyd’s syndicates to operate in a region or country as if they were a local insurer. This is achieved by Lloyd’s syndicates delegating their underwriting authority to “Coverholders”.

MTL is headed up by Stuart McAlister (Chief Underwriting Officer & Director) who has over 25 years of underwriting experience in both the Lloyd’s of London and the London Company markets.

MTL are located in the City of London for easy access to the above markets.


Metier Trading Limited are proud to work with our partners

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